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Back in the early 1990s, de Boliva Ice Cream was known as Cinxana Ice Cream, a small home-based ice cream factory that catered only to friends and families. It soon flourished and grew bigger as a result of words of mouth and praise. 

In 2000, a young entrepreneur had the insight to develop the ice cream business and created the new brand name “de Boliva Ice Cream.” From the start, the ice cream produced by de Boliva Ice Cream has used only the finest and purest ingredients, and this has helped cement its success. 

Boasting high quality ice cream with unique tastes that meets international standard, de Boliva Ice Cream started out with basic flavors like vanilla, mocha, chocolate and strawberry. However, through many experiments and mix and matches it came up with its own unique and distinctive blends and tastes. Its specialty includes the mixing of ice cream and liquor, which is a favorite among customers. de Boliva Ice Cream’s Marinelli blends mocha ice cream with Kahlua and Baileys, while its refreshing Margarita is a mixture of fruit sorbet, another distinct creation of de Boliva Ice Cream, Tequila and ice. 

The de Boliva Ice Cream brand quickly acquires a loyal following. Customers' preference to this brand results from the fact that unlike any other ice cream brands it has low content of fat and calories. Ice cream lovers now recognize the de Boliva Ice Cream brand as the “Great Taste with Low Fat” ice cream. 

Its first outlet at Jl. HR Muhammad 360, which opened in December 2001, proved to be quite a success. Here, customers can feast their eyes, ears, and taste buds as they enjoy the flavorsome ice cream while listening to some great music and indulge themselves in the building's serene setting. As the number of customers keeps growing, it is only natural to open the next outlet. In May 2003, de Boliva Ice Cream and Cafe started to operate at Jl. Raya Gubeng 36, boasting a bigger premise with a capacity of 100 customers.

To keep up with increasing demands and the positive trend in food industry, de Boliva Ice Cream tries to create its own specialty fusion food, marrying Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, and Japanese flavors in its menu. While the various kinds of ice cream are still the first choice for customers who come to visit, these selections of dishes are also popular with customers wanting a bite for lunch or dinner. The opening of de Boliva Kitchen and Lounge at Jl. Raya Gubeng 66 to replace the old outlet at Jl. Raya Gubeng 36 in September 2005 sees a more contemporary 2-storey building that can seat up to 200 people.