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Who is de Boliva?

Established in early 2001, de Boliva has created a unique product unlike any others in the market and successfully formed its own niche. de Boliva offers low fat ice cream without sacrificing its delectable and refreshing taste. Its first outlet in HR Mohammad, Surabaya started with only 50 seats. Consumers, eager to sample the unique ‘GREAT TASTE WITH LOW FAT’ ice cream, quickly became fond of the taste and the demands have led to the opening of another two outlets of de Boliva ice cream in Surabaya. Since then, de Boliva has offered various menus other than desserts and has become the place to go for good food and cozy ambience, transforming it into a lifestyle, not just a dining venue.

How has the de Boliva brand grown? / Our Journey


We started with only four ice cream flavors (vanilla, mocca, chocolate and strawberry), which could be enjoyed on their own or mixed into 6 kinds of delicious dessert menu.


In addition to adding more variety to the ice cream flavors and dessert menus we also established a café where patrons could have light snacks and drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc) to accompany their ice cream selections.


The café evolved into a full restaurant (de Boliva Ice Cream Kitchen & Lounge) offering patrons a treat for all five senses—scrumptious fusion food and dessert menus, good-quality wine list, warm and cozy ambience, beautiful décor, and easy listening, jazzy music in the background. 


We began to franchise our brand with the help of FT Consult (Mr. Utomo Njoto), and created a standard operational procedure, legal agreement and manual book for each outlet.  


Our Jakarta first outlet at Pluit Village 2nd floor opened its doors to customers. Unfortunately after 2 years we had to close down the outlet due to a low number of visitors at the mall. 


We started the de Boliva Premium Gelato concept in our City of Tomorrow outlet. Starting off with only a small stall with a capacity of 12 seats, it has now been transformed into a de Boliva Ice Cream Kitchen & Lounge with a capacity of 100 seats. In this year, we also opened a new outlet in Townsquare Surabaya, bringing the de Boliva Signature concept which had a license to sell alcoholic beverages.


We opened a de Boliva franchise in Bali’s Kutabex, marking our expansion into other locations outside the city. However, only after 6 months the outlet stopped its operation as a result of the mall’s halted construction and low traffic in the area. In the same year we successfully introduced the de Boliva Express concept in Plaza Marina. Surabaya.


We launched our online ordering and reservation system on, an e-commerce site providing several secure payment methods: Bank Transfer, Mandiri Clickpay and Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard). We also offered a complete package of food, beverage and ice cream in a reasonable price '30 Deals. 30 Days. 30 Thousands' that was sold online this month to be redeemed next month.


The latest ice cream innovation introduced to the customers, de Boliva Herbal Ice Cream. There are 7 flavours: Cogongrass Root, Aloe Vera, Mangosteen, Curcuma, Rosella, Tamarind and Ginger.


Being one of the Top 16 Asia Pasific finalists, our Gelato Chef, Andre Soenjoto, was proud to present de Boliva Curcuma (Temulawak) Ice Cream at the Gelato World Tour as Indonesia’s only representative. The event was held by Carpigiani Gelato University and Sigep-Rimini on March 20 to 22, 2015 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to determine the World’s Best Gelato. In the same year, we also launched the first and newest membership system for restaurant business, de Boliva Online Member. Cardless, this membership was utilizing mobile number as Member ID and sending 4-digit OTP via SMS to verify the ownership.


Earlier this year we open our first kiosk by carrying the de Boliva Kiosk concept which only sells ice cream and beverage at Marvell City, Surabaya. Moreover, we renew and develop our de Boliva Signature concept by implementing a digital transformation in several aspects, such as menu (Digital Menu Magazine), membership system (Digital Membership) and receipt (Digital Receipt). Not only do we serve delectable menus, we also offer a place with warm and friendly atmosphere to gather with family, friends or business partners. Mixing and matching chic industrial style with mini ice cream bar, de Boliva Signature is opened in a strategic location nearby downtown, Raya Gubeng No. 66, Surabaya.


Developing our de Boliva Xpress concept which has been successfully running for the last 5 years, we are back with the newest creation of authentic Indonesian dishes at de Boliva Xpress Indonesian Style. Since we adopt Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) concept, both ‘Nasi Pecel’ and ‘Nasi Rawon’ are presented as our Specialty Menu that can be enjoyed in a very affordable price. Starting from Rp 20.000, each menu is served without compromising the quality and taste. In addition to enjoying a delicious meal, customers will have the opportunity to choose a variety of Tupperware products by making any purchase.

As the market grows, the de Boliva brand is growing with it. The older and more mature we grow, the more experience we have and the more business shrewdness we obtain. 

Why pick de Boliva?

De Boliva Ice Cream Kitchen & Lounge offers low fat ice cream and sorbet as its main menu—to be used in various selections of desserts and drinks—as well as a wide array of fusion dishes. de Boliva ice cream is low in fat, as our motto suggests, ‘GREAT TASTE WITH LOW FAT.’ Recently we have seen various ice cream brands that boast ‘low fat ice cream’ in their products, which is not entirely wrong as ice cream with a fat content of less than 10% is indeed considered low fat ice cream. However, what sets de Boliva ice cream apart from its competitors is that its ice cream has the fat content of only 3% to 4%, which is both a distinctive trait and a major selling point. 

What are the advantages of franchising de Boliva?

In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, in the dynamic gourmet scene, de Boliva has proved to create its own niche. It has a large number of loyal customers from teenagers, business people, to families with young children. In Surabaya, de Boliva’s three outlets are the places to see and be seen. Once you open a franchise, we will provide a full support: ongoing management and marketing review and advice, business consult, mentoring, as well as a dynamic R&D (new menu every 6 months). We have approximately 850 members in Surabaya, loyal customers that will ensure an efficient word-of-mouth advertisement to friends and relatives who live in different parts of the country.  We provide an integrated, one system Information Technology (online system). A novel idea when we first introduced it in Surabaya, the PDA system used in all our outlets when taking order is very advantageous. It is fast in service and efficient in terms of human resources. With a proper training in IT system, the franchisee will definitely get a long term benefit.